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Here's what drivers should do to avoid hitting your motorcycle

As a motorcycle rider, you do your best to make sure to follow the rules of the road since you are far more vulnerable than those in other motor vehicles with which you share the road. More than likely, you are used to driving defensively because other motorists don't always do the same.

For some reason, some drivers out there don't feel as though they need to give motorcycles the attention and respect they deserve. Regardless of what that reasoning may be, they ought to follow some simple rules to help keep you safe.

How drivers should treat you and your motorcycle

Of course, many drivers do take extra care around motorcycles in order to avoid causing harm to their riders. To that end, they do the following:

  • They know to give you the whole lane. They don't attempt to pass you in the same lane or otherwise crowd you just because you are on a smaller vehicle.
  • They keep a close eye on their side and rearview mirrors, especially when changing lanes.
  • They also use their turn signals in order to let you know their intentions so that you have time to react appropriately.
  • They watch their blind spots as well. Drivers of larger vehicles such as trucks and vans need to pay special attention to their blind spots, which are usually more extensive.
  • They give you extra room when behind you, which is helpful since your brake lights are not as visible as those on other motor vehicles are. The extra room could save your life and avoid a collision.
  • They give you extra room when in front of you in order to give you enough time to slow or stop. Your vehicle isn't as stable as theirs are, so you may need the extra time.
  • They avoid cutting you off since a quick and unexpected maneuver could cause you to crash.
  • They also know not to immediately trust your turn signal since you have to manually turn it off.

When drivers take the above actions, your chances of reaching your destination safely increase dramatically. However, you may encounter a driver who doesn't follow these rules. The resulting accident could cause you serious injuries as well as to your passenger if you have someone with you on that trip.

If the evidence supports your contention that the other driver's negligence caused your injuries, a Texas civil court could award you the monetary compensation you need to make up for your accident-related financial losses.

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