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5 motorcycle safety tips all riders should know

Motorcycle accidents happen much more often than they should. These accidents are incredibly scary and often life-threatening.

It is vital that all motorists drive as safely and carefully as possible. Regardless of fault, motorcyclists face a greater risk.

Hopefully, by following these tips, motorcyclists will stay safe.

1. Always wear protective gear. It is crucial that motorcyclists wear a helmet. A helmet with a face shield keeps your head and face protected. You are five times more likely to sustain a head injury if you do not wear a helmet. In addition, wear protective non-skid clothing. You may want to add reflective gear to make sure other drivers can see you at night.

2. Get familiar with the bike. Not all motorcycles run the same. You should get familiar with the motorcycle you are riding in safe, lower speed-limit areas before taking a trip on the freeway. Make sure that your bike is working properly. Check the tires, turn signals and brakes to ensure your motorcycle is ready to ride.

3. Follow all traffic laws. Do not speed, swerve or do anything to make your drive more dangerous. You may also choose to take a rider safety course to fully understand arm signals, right-a-way and other laws.

4. Be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to the road and watch for potential hazards. Rain and hail make it exceedingly difficult for motorcycle riders to stay safe. You should completely avoid riding in these conditions. Grass clippings that were blown on the road could cause motorcyclists to lose traction. Stay focused and pay attention to the weather before you begin your ride.

5. Ride defensively. Unfortunately, not all motorists will drive as cautiously as you. You must be on the lookout for cars that are speeding, swerving or otherwise driving recklessly. Stay sober and be alert while riding. Signaling before you turn and staying out of drivers’ blind spots will help you stay safe.

Many families face the devastating effects of a motorcycle accident. You may choose to follow these tips and do everything you can to keep your loved ones from devastation.

Even if you do your best to stay safe, accidents may happen. Get help as soon as possible if you become injured in an accident. Seek medical attention if necessary. You may be able to seek legal action afterwards.

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