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Rear-end trucking accident sends motorists to the hospital

A truck accident which happened south and west of Longview during the overnight hours left two drivers seriously injured. After the accident, both the driver of the semi involved in the accident and the driver of a private passenger vehicle had to be taken by helicopter to a hospital in a nearby urban area.

First reports suggested that the collision involved the driver of the big rig slamming in to the passenger vehicle from behind. According to the law enforcement officers investigating the accident, the passenger car was traveling in the left lane and began to have some technical problems.

The driver of the car pulled over in to the lane closest to the right shoulder of the road, presumably so the driver could pull off the road altogether. However, as the car was doing so slowly, the driver of the truck already traveling in the right lane rammed in to the car. The semi-truck wound up on its side and off of the road, while the passenger car had its trunk and back seat crumpled in.

There was also in a passenger in the car who suffered minor physical injuries and received medical treatment at the scene of the accident.

While obviously the investigation in this case will take some additional time, the common wisdom is that rear-end accidents are usually the responsibility of the driver who hit the back of the other vehicle.

In any event, this trucking accident serves as an important reminder to truckers to pay attention and stay alert, particularly on lonely stretches of road at night. Although of course flat tires and mechanical problems do happen, for whatever reason, the truck driver in this case did not anticipate the problem and react in time.

Depending on the final results of the investigation, the victim of this accident may be able to pursue compensation both from the truck driver and his or her trucking company.

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