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Seven killed in motorcycle accident

A group of active and former Marines who liked to ride their motorcycles together experienced a horrible tragedy that left seven of them dead. Additionally, two other motorcyclists suffered injuries. One victim had to be taken via a life flight to a hospital.

The accident happened when the driver of a pickup truck apparently ran in to the motorcyclists as they were traveling alongside a federal highway. Witnesses said that the end result of the accident was a fire and lots of wreckage thrown around the highway. The driver of the pickup truck is expected to live, although it is not clear what his condition was following the accident.

One person, who organized the ride, explained that he thought the presence of rumble strips on the shoulder of the road may have made a difference with respect to this incident. However, police are still investigating the precise cause of this accident.

Nevertheless, it does not take much to realize that drivers need to be alert for motorcycles on and along the roads and avoiding hitting them. It can be hard for drivers to train themselves to be on the lookout for motorcycles, but this is all the more reason why drivers need to be alert and attentive at all times while they are driving.

Likewise, because fatigued drivers pose a particular threat to motorcyclists, it is very important for drivers to make sure that they have had enough rest before getting behind the wheel.

As this tragic case illustrates, motorcyclists are always especially vulnerable to serious injuries after an accident, simply because they are relatively unprotected. Motorcyclists in the Longview area who have been hurt in a motorcycle accident may have legal options available to them for pursuing a negligent driver.

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