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How to buy a motorcycle helmet

The choice to wear a helmet while riding your motorcycle is up to you if you’re older than age 21. If you’re older than age 21 and have proof of health insurance, you are free to ride without a helmet if you choose. You probably already know that fatalities and potential costs related to motorcycle crash injuries.

People choose not to wear helmets for many reasons including concerns over helmets affecting their vision or that the helmets themselves cause injuries. Research has shown these statements to be myths about helmets.

A good helmet is one that fits

An ill-fitting helmet, however, could cause problems like neck strains or obstructed vision. If you’ve had similar experiences in the past with motorcycle helmets, it’s possible that the helmet didn’t fit you. Here are a few tips for buying a motorcycle helmet:

  • Try it on. Unfortunately, the eye test doesn’t work for picking the right motorcycle helmet. It’s recommended that you always try on a helmet before you buy it to get a feel for the fit. You may not realize that different people have different head shapes, making a helmet’s fit unique to each person.
  • Feel the weight. A reason that people feel that their helmet strains their neck or otherwise causes discomfort is that their helmet doesn’t fit and throws off the center of gravity of the helmet. A helmet should sit evenly so that the helmet’s weight distributes evenly around your head and shoulders, which should minimize things like neck pain.
  • Make sure you can see. You’re not going to see properly out of a helmet if it doesn’t fit. Make sure that your helmet’s eye slot rests above your eye brows and that you cannot easily slide your fingers between your fingers and your face.

Just because Texas law doesn’t mandate every motorcycle rider wear a helmet doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider wearing one anyway. Helmets today come in a variety of sizes and comfort features that can increase your safety and satisfaction. Helmets that fit properly should never cause injury or obstruct your hearing or vision. Knowing how to buy a motorcycle helmet can not only help you find one unique to your head shape, but your personality too.

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