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What to do after a car accident

Car accidents often leave drivers disoriented, making it difficult to handle the accident responsibly. To stay prepared for the unexpected, it’s a good idea to know what do to after a car crash before it happens.

Here are the steps you should take.

Crane accident in Fort Worth not an isolated incident

A crane accident in Fort Worth attracted the attention of both the regional and national news media recently.

One person died in the accident. According to reports, this was not the first fatal crane accident in North Texas. In fact, eight other people had died since 2012; however, this most recent accident was the first fatality since 2012 involving a member of the general public as opposed to a construction worker.

How to buy a motorcycle helmet

The choice to wear a helmet while riding your motorcycle is up to you if you’re older than age 21. If you’re older than age 21 and have proof of health insurance, you are free to ride without a helmet if you choose. You probably already know that fatalities and potential costs related to motorcycle crash injuries.

People choose not to wear helmets for many reasons including concerns over helmets affecting their vision or that the helmets themselves cause injuries. Research has shown these statements to be myths about helmets.

Product liability in medical implant defect lawsuits

Consumers should be able to trust that the products they buy are safe for their intended uses. When an unsafe product causes injury, the consumer should be compensated for damages.

Product liability is the legal theory that can hold designers, manufacturers and others accountable when defects in their products injure people. It often comes up in cases involving injury from defective parts in cars, toys and other general consumer products. Some of the more difficult cases involve medical devices.

Lawmakers struggle with ways to make state roads safer

Texas has the unhappy distinction of leading the nation in motor vehicle accident fatalities. The Texas Department of Transportation reported 3,721 traffic deaths in 2017, the most recent year for which final statistics are available.

While this number represented a decrease from the year before, it was still outrageously high. According to the Transportation Department, someone was killed on Texas roadways every 2 hours 21 minutes on average in 2017. Someone was injured in a crash every 2 minutes 4 seconds.

Defective drugs and the duty to warn

Product liability is the legal theory that holds manufacturers and others accountable after they put dangerously defective products into the marketplace, leading to someone being injured. The theory can apply to many types of products, but some of the most serious involve defective drugs.

The pharmaceutical industry has a duty to test drugs for safety before releasing them to the public, using testing standards imposed by the Federal Food and Drug Administration. However, the fact that a drug has passed safety tests does not shield the manufacturer from liability if someone is injured by the drug. Sometimes dangerous drugs slip through and sometimes harmful side effects are not discovered until the drug has been on the market for some time.

Lawsuit claims defective design led car headlights to fail

Most personal injury claims that arise out of car accidents involve allegations of negligence by one or more of the drivers involved. In some cases, however, the car manufacturer or others may have contributed to the accident through their negligence in letting unsafe vehicles on the road.

Under the law of product liability, manufacturers and others who put defective products into the stream of commerce may be held liable when the defect causes injury.

Study links texting-while-driving bans to reduction in emergency room visits

Many things can have impacts on accident and injury likelihood out on the roads. This includes what traffic safety rules a state has. One class of traffic safety laws that many states have been adding in recent years are rules against distracted driving.

For example, nearly all states now prohibit texting while driving. A recent study looked at the safety impacts of such bans.

How to use a GPS in the car safely

Long gone are the days of unfolding giant maps or printing off Mapquest directions to figure out how to get where you’re going. As more people have become reliant on a GPS navigation system for directions, it’s important that we’re also learning how to use these devices safely.

Here are a few tips for drivers who use a GPS.

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